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*Note, Our clients get AMAZING results- but this is because they were committed to their success, applied the tools and lessons given in the course, and worked hard to achieve their goals. As a result, we must insert a disclaimer that we can not guarantee that your results will be the same.*
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$20,000 in First 30 Days After Launch

Starting on the sidelines watching his friend's success in Amazon, William took the plunge and is just getting started. In his first month, he found immediate success and ended up breaking 20k in revenue within 30 days of launching his first product.

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Retired School Teacher Launches First Product on Amazon

We Love Harvey! This is a very special interview. Harvey has been a stand-out student who has been very engaged and he has dug deep and used every feature available to our students. From Farmer to Teacher to FBA Amazon success!

Kody Thumbnail

Kody Selling $10,000/ month & Sales are Picking Up

What makes the EcomHub DFY program different? According to Kody, it’s beginner friendly. Anyone can get started. He also likes the 1-on-1 calls and weekly coaching sessions that come with the membership. The #1 thing that surprised him about the FBA academy is that starting and scaling an Amazon business is, in fact, quite simple.

Kody recommends new sellers to just get started and follow the program, instead of getting caught in the paralysis by analysis spiral that he got caught in. What’s interesting is that when Kody joined, he really had nothing to lose. He was already in an Amazon course before, which turned out to be a big scam...

In fact, he told us everybody in that course lost money. He also became father to a son prior to joining the DFY program, which prevented him from selling for several months. When he finally started, he was motivated to make it work. Maybe that’s why he’s currently selling $10k/month in products and already finding other products.

Even though Kody experienced hiccups along the journey, he finally made it work. The only way for him to go now is up. His goal for 2021 is to sell $100k/month worth of products by getting more reviews and rolling out new products.

Bona Thumbnail

Engineer Sells $10,000/Month on Amazon FBA

Bona is an engineer who wanted to take advantage of the Ecommerce wave. So he decided to sign up for an Amazon course that would focus on retail arbitrage (which basically means buying private inventory and shipping orders from your home). Apart from the fact that we believe retail arbitrage is a terrible business model, Bona paid more than $19,000 for the course (that’s insane!).

A few months later, he realized the business model wouldn’t work for him, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to sell on Amazon. He knew selling products on Amazon would work. After all, if it works for some people so it has to work for Bona too, right? Even though he was down 19 grand, he didn’t give up on finding a new mentor. Until one day he came across the EcomHub YouTube channel...

Resonating with the content, he decided to join the DFY program. A few months later, Bona and his partner are at $10,000/month and are looking to scale to $20,000/month by the end of February. Their end of 2021 goal is $50-60k/month. He joined the EcomHub DFY program, not only because of the great reviews, but also because of the mentorship he’s getting from the 1-on-1 calls and the weekly coaching calls. Having a business practically built for you, instead of having to do all the work on your own, is so much easier in the long-run.

Plus, it sets you up for success from the very beginning, instead of having to go through the painful trial and error experiences that come with building a business.

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$27k/month While in the US Army

Can you imagine starting and scaling an eCom business while serving in the USA Army? Even though Danilio has always had entrepreneurial tendencies throughout his life, it wasn’t until he moved to Orlando, Florida when he started getting into Amazon FBA. Very quickly he started seeing first signs of success on the platform when he was consistently selling 10k/month in products. Until one day, he was suddenly called into the army service to fulfill his citizenship duties. He had 30 days to find a way to make his FBA business work while he would basically be gone for 3+ months.

Thanks to EcomHub’s patented Rank & Bank strategy and advice, he found a support team that would run his business for him, while he was serving. Not only was he able to outsource his business, but when he returned his business was actually doing better than before. Using the EcomHub strategies, by the time he came home, his business revenue almost doubled. In fact, the conversion rate on one of his products increased by 37%, which by our standards is nothing short of amazing. Now Danilio is focusing on selling even more products, and he’s well on his way to earning 100k/month through Amazon.

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Nurse Makes $10k/month with First Product

Is it possible to work a demanding 9 to 5 job and start an Amazon business at the same time? Lindsey is living proof that it is indeed possible. After watching David’s YouTube videos, the full-time nurse from New Zealand finally decided to join the Done-For-You program. A few months in and she’s already generated $10k/month from launching her first product, right around the same time the lockdown started happening.

What sets Lindsey apart is her drive to execution. While she understands that watching content is important, it does not trump executing the steps that EcomHub teaches. Lindsey promised herself to make her Amazon business work, no matter what. During the day, she would be a nurse working at the frontlines of the pandemic. At night, she would turn into a dedicated Amazon seller. Which is probably why Lindsey has been so successful, so fast. She’s put in the time. Now she’s looking to quit her job in the next 6-12 months (if she hasn’t already done so) by scaling her business. We’re proud of you, Lindsey!

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$70k/month after 11 months of selling on Amazon

After consistently generating $70k/month in revenue from Amazon, Marcus’ only regret is that he hasn’t started selling earlier. His story is simultaneously amazing and simple. Just like Lindsey, Marcus was drawn into David’s simple and effective teaching style. After binge-watching EcomHub YouTube videos, Marcus decided to join the program. It would be the first and last program he ever joined. Just 11 months later, he’s close to breaking the $100k/month mark.

Granted, not everyone is going to succeed as fast as Marcus did. But if there’s one lesson in his come-up, it’s this: It can be quite simple to launch a successful business. All you have to do is dedicate yourself to one source of information, focus on execution, and shut off all the other noise (other courses and videos). As you’ll see the in the video, there are only a few things that can come close to the ROI that joining EcomHub has provided to Marcus.

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From $500 to $10k/Day

Can you turn an ordinary investment of $500 into $10k/day paydays? Matt E. Silver, senior EcomHub student and good friend of ours, has done exactly that. After spending more than 25 years in the music & fashion industry, he was ready to start his FBA business. Due to some unfortunate circumstances at the time, he had no more than $500 to start with. In fact, he maxed out his credit card and used the last bit of money to begin his FBA journey.

At first, he felt overwhelmed due to the sheer overload of online information about Amazon FBA. Keeping his head straight, he tried to simplify the education part by subscribing to no more than 1-2 sources (one of which was EcomHub). At the same time though, he didn’t shy away from learning new things. After he started seeing some initial success with Amazon, he had enough funds to join the EcomHub program. Thanks to his ever-increasing willingness to work through tough times and implementing our strategies, he’s now scaling his Amazon brands to 7 figures per year.

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

How Fabiana came across Amazon FBA working part time with no business background

How EcomHub was different from other Amazon FBA trainings she tried in the past

What surprised her the most about the training

​The monthly revenue she’s making after launching her first product

The hardest part of her Amazon FBA journey (many students struggle with this too!)

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

Discover how Jose Launched his Amazon business from scratch and scaled to 10k

Jose has been a long term believer in passive income opportunities

After tons of research Jose turned from a Skeptic into a Student

Jose loved the honest ethical approach EcomHub takes

Learn how Jose moved from Analysis Paralysis and doing it all himself to Done For You with EcomHub

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Frequently Asked Questions

“How long is the training? What if I fall behind?”
This core training is only about 7 hours long. No fluff. No B.S. We dive straight into the materials in a step-by-step manner.

There’s also LIFETIME access to the program, so if you happen to be on a vacation or you’re just swamped for the next little while, don’t worry. You’re free to start whenever you want. But to be fair, this is a COACHING program with live calls.
"Does this work for international students?"
Yes! You do NOT have to be based in the United States in order to sell on and thrive (for example, a friend of mine is a 7-figure Amazon seller, and he’s from Canada).

The principles, strategies, and tactics for ranking on the first page are universal – all you’ll need is an internet connection.
"Ugh, I don't want this program to become yet another thing on my to-do list."
The last thing I want for you is for this coaching program to feel like I’m giving you a “task” to complete on your to-do list. I’m not giving you a program to complete, I’m giving you a RESULT.

Of course, this result means learning the ins and outs of Amazon, and we’re giving you a proven process to follow. If you’re looking to earn more, I can’t think of anything that would take a higher priority than this INCREDIBLE opportunity to partner with the most valuable company in the world.
"How much time will it take to start seeing results?"
Honestly, this depends on how quickly you implement the system.
All of the resources and steps will be there in front of you (including the templates to use) – it’s just a matter of how soon you take action. If you follow everything we lay out and start immediately, you should start seeing results in just a few weeks (keep in mind – most people dabble in this for years).
I’m not going to lie to you - if you don’t follow the training, there will be no results unfortunately.
“What if I don’t have deep pockets? Can I still start and build an Amazon FBA business?”
Yes, it can still be done. This program is designed for someone who considers themselves normal.

I am not assuming you have 6-7 figures in startup capital. While there are costs to purchase inventory and invest in marketing, you will not need nearly as much as you would for most other businesses!
“But I work full-time and don’t have too much time to spare. Will this still work?”
Yes, it can definitely work! In fact, we actually recommend that you KEEP your job, so you have a steady income to fund things like inventory and marketing.
Of course, the more time you put into it, the faster the results will come, but it is NOT necessary to quit your job, and sacrifice your career, family, or hobbies.
“I already watch David on YouTube and listen to his podcast. How is this different?”
This is my entire system broken down step-by-step. It’s the whole blueprint. There’s nowhere else you can learn everything it takes to sell like a top Amazon FBA seller.

Plus, I’m not sure there’s ONE coaching program out there that offers this level of support by researching and FINDING a product for you to launch. This can literally save you months of research, can save you thousands of dollars in testing costs, and give you a tremendous head start on your Amazon FBA journey.  
“Do you have a guarantee?”
Yes - if you implement our system and do NOT get any results, we will give you a full refund within 30 days.

However, please note that we’re giving you a LONG TERM coaching program, and offering you unlimited support and 12 months of coaching. If you plan to enroll and think we’re going to do the work for you, this is NOT for you.
FBA Academy IS for You if…
- You seek change, and you’re HUNGRY for more financial resources
- You’re willing to follow GUIDANCE from a proven process, and don’t want to reinvent the wheel
- You prefer having a support group to not feel alone as you go
​- You’re coachable
- ​You want to get your product listed on the first page to MAXIMIZE your sales
​- You’re sick of seeing your competition STAY at the top while you fight to break free from the bottom
- You like saving time and money by having our team research and find a product for you
FBA Academy IS NOT for You if…
- You don’t have any money, and have no source of income (although it doesn’t require a crazy amount of capital like most businesses, Amazon does require some, especially for inventory)
- You expect that watching training videos just like you watch Netflix to magically get you results
- You’re afraid to invest some money into advertising expenses, even if you’re told it will more than pay off in the long term
- ​You seek to get rich quick without doing any work upfront (note: you actually CAN make a lot of money quick, but that only happens when you have a winning product – which we’ll show you how to do)
- ​This is something you just want to dabble in

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