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David Zaleski

Amazon Seller & Consultant

I started importing products at the age of 14 back in 2011, however, didn't launch my first brand on Amazon until 2015. I first hit 6-figures per month 2 years ago and have been helping hundreds of people do the same.


David’s Story

On track to graduate from college next year with 7 years of work experience. It all started when I was 12 years old and sold my first LaDainian Tomlinson football card to a friend at lunch. I purchased a 440 Topps Football Card Sets at Target for $50 and ended up selling 20 cards for $5 each getting my money back and still leaving me with 420 cards for free. From there I was hooked on the idea of buying in wholesale and reselling at a profit. Then at the age of 14, I came across a YouTube video thought me on how to import in wholesale from China and sell on eBay in the U.S. and that is where my journey began.

Growing up as a kid I was always financially responsible and never had any issues managing or saving my own money. I did not have much money when starting out at the age of 14, but I remember asking for only cash that Christmas, so I could have the capital needed to make my first investment and start my business. I would purchase products that were light, easy to ship, with high-profit margins and a quick turnaround time from websites like Alibaba, AliExpress and iOffer.

During this 4-year period in high school, I failed miserably and learned from my mistakes. I learned the ins and outs of e-commerce by being fully hands on with my business ventures. The most important lesson I learned was to never give up. By being persistent and not giving up after all my mistakes, I was able to save up enough money to finally open by own legitimate business.

After my 18th birthday and graduating from high school in 2015, I opened up my own LLC under my name. At first, I did not tell my parents, as I had a strong feeling they would be against the risk I was taking. My mom’s still the type of person that’s scared to put her credit card number online. I finally ended up telling them a few months later when filling out my FAFSA application for college because I had sold a few thousand dollars’ worth of goods under my name and I did not want to be liable for any mistakes on my FAFSA.

After starting college in the Fall of 2015, I finally had more time between my classes to focus on my business. One of the main things I have learned when it comes to buying online, is that people look for a quality product at a competitive price. Being Gen Next, I know for a fact that my generation and Millennials don’t value tangible goods and name brand products as much as other generations. We prefer to travel and invest in experiences and entertainment. When I was started my first brand in late 2015 with $4,800 I saw an opportunity in the market to tap into a niche that brought people an experience from using my product.

Since I started, Amazon has been exploding with the amount of people that actually shop on Amazon, especially Prime members. With well over 100 million Prime members in the US, I’ve been able to scale my Amazon FBA business to over six-figures per month, 12 months later with zero loans and all by the age of 20. Each day there are more and more users shopping on Amazon and the opportunity to get started on Amazon has never been better with all the free information out there.

That’s why we started, we are here to help you launch and grow your own business by sharing everything I’ve learned in the last 7 years in my eCommerce journey. By giving you a “cliff notes” cheat sheet of my mistakes, ways to avoid them, and how to successfully navigate buying and selling products online.