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What is FBA Academy?
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New to Amazon FBA? This Training Resource is All You Need to Get Started.

What is FBA Academy?

What is FBA Academy?
Julia Grant

August 13, 2021

In short - The FBA Academy is a training program for those interested in owning a profitable Amazon FBA store. We teach you the ins and outs of e-commerce on Amazon Marketplace and walk with you through the journey from beginning to end with unlimited support from our team of coaches. We’ll go over specifics later, but you can also head on over to the FBA Academy website for a short run-through of what’s included.

We get a lot of questions from cynical entrepreneurs who are sick of being sold courses from “gurus” who promise quick, overnight success that can only be achieved with their specialized tactics and strategies. 

This is understandable. The rise of online courses recently has made it difficult to determine which courses are worth your time and money and which ones are simply empty, inspirational content with a large price tag. 

fba 1

Here’s what sets our FBA training apart.

Not Just Another Guru Course

EcomHub’s FBA Academy is not your typical e-commerce FBA course. We provide one-on-one mentorship, hands-on training, and actually help you to build a successful Amazon FBA business model from the ground up.

Our program does not primarily consist of motivational theories, but practical application with master resource pdf. And these would be the best Amazon course you have ever found.

"Our program does not primarily consist of motivational theories, but practical application."

All about Amazon business, how to earn profits through selling on amazon, how to do profitable product research, bank flow setup, everything about amazon fees & amazon PPC, how to find suppliers, everything about Facebook ads and other paid advertising costs, effects of negative reviews are exactly what you are going to learn in this course.

We are not hiding the ingredients to our success behind a paywall - you can easily discover from us the most important elements to starting your own amazon selling machine.

What we do offer is the years of experience we have at taking those elements and capitalizing on them to create profitable Amazon FBA seller stores in this amazon FBA training.

Some course creator creates typical “guru” courses of making money online where you get FBA academy coaching calls and get sucked into are nothing but pre-recorded, generic content with little to no help applying what you’ve learned. You’re left with a lot of energy and enthusiasm...but little help putting everything into practice.

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While we do record some of our content beforehand, you also get to work with our coaches and community of students to get feedback and assistance in implementing what you’ve learned. We walk with you step by step to ensure you don’t just know what you need to do but have someone to help with the how.

How you can start your first own online business with Amazon, how you organize your business model, how to open an Amazon seller account, how to do product research & how you can turn yourself into a successful Amazon seller.

You may ask how to find niches to target using the Amazon search bar, the answer is rebate websites and market intelligence. These should give you get ideas of what to sell. You learn all about Amazon fees, refund policy, how to validate your product ideas and how to differentiate your products and listings from competitors. 

Debunking the Myth: “Those who can’t do, teach.”

Alright, so this is definitely true sometimes - which is why you need to be careful who you trust to lead you on this journey - but it isn’t always the case! 

Many times, those who teach are just those who have succeeded and want others to join them on the ride. David Zaleski, the founder of EcomHub, built a 6-figure Amazon store within 5 years with less than $5,000 start-up capital. He has a traditional education, but also has years of experience doing the very things he has empowered and equipped his team (and countless others!) to do as well. 

The heart at EcomHub has never been to get you attached to a dream of overnight success, passive income, or a get-rich-quick mentality. Our goal is to give people the tools that our team has used to build their own success - and then give them free access to use those tools to build a solid foundation for your future amazon FBA journey. We’re training you for an e-commerce business start up-, not for a lifetime free from responsibilities. 

Are there perks to this kind of business? Of course! Working for yourself always has benefits, and e-commerce can afford you more freedom than a traditional 9 to 5. However, it takes work to get there, especially at the beginning.

Although we offer lifetime support for our clients, we truly want to work ourselves out of a job - so you are confident enough to continue building your store without us.

“Plans Fail for Lack of Counsel…”

This expression has been used for centuries to describe how easy it is to stumble, fall, and fail without a solid community of advisors around you. This proverb definitely rings true for those looking to start a new business. 

Did you know that about 20% of small businesses fail in just their first year? Only 50% make it to the five-year bench-mark. Further research shows that about 90% of start-ups as a whole fail within 10 years. Those aren’t great odds if you’re looking to start something new! Especially if you’re going to attempt entering into such a highly saturated market as e-commerce.

Statistics in pie graph form. 20% of  small business fail within their first year. 50% make it to the 5 year benchmark. 90% of startups as a whole fail within the first 10 years.

Part of this can be avoided by simply finding the right “counsel” before jumping into something new. Too many eager, entrepreneurial individuals decide to take the DIY approach and end up overwhelmed, unequipped, and frustrated. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Far too many times we take the complicated route and decide to redesign the wheel. You give yourself a better chance at success when you take the time to surround yourself with good mentorship, training, and community who can help push you to where you want to be.

Online Certifications and Training are the Future

As college becomes increasingly expensive and out of reach for many young adults, these kinds of “informal” education opportunities are becoming more and more important.

Part of the skepticism surrounding online courses has been that they are not “accredited” in a formal sense. 

Line graph showing the  rise in cost of university from the years 2000/1 to 2018/19, beginning at $15,381 and ending at $32,782.
Source: Statista

These days, however, a college education can easily put someone in over $100,000 debt...and leave graduates with a lot of textbook knowledge and very little hands-on experience.

Now - we’re not saying there isn’t value in college. Most of our team members are college graduates, and we believe education is a valuable thing.

However, we do believe that there is something to be said for the kind of apprenticeship that used to be typical in our world. This was generally the way things used to go - the majority of individuals would learn a trade from a highly skilled individual in the field, and then go on to use what they learned to build their own trade.

This form of career training is on the rise as more turn away from the college to entry-level position pipeline. 

Cycle beginnniner with college, moving to: entry level positon, drowning in student debt, fighting for a raise, frustrated at work/life balance & income, need a change.

No matter where you are in this cycle, there’s got to be a better way. Maybe you’re just leaving college and entering the workforce, frustrated at your prospects in your field and the overwhelming amount of debt you have.

Or perhaps you’re 10 years away from retirement and sick of the grind. No matter where you fall here - it’s never too early to change your plans or too late to start something new.

Think of our FBA Academy as a form of “digital apprenticeship” to help you get to that next step. While we are not a formal or traditional apprenticeship, we do offer guidance, knowledge, training, and all the tools you need. You just need to come ready and willing to work and learn. 

Amazon FBA Academy is a great option if you’re not sure what you want to do but know the traditional route is not for you...or if you went the traditional path and found that you really aren’t happy with the results. It’s a stepping stone to a career change, not an idealistic promise of overnight success. 

"FBA Academy is a stepping stone to a career change, not an idealistic promise of overnight succes."

Okay, So What’s In The Course?

If all this has piqued your interest, let’s unpack all that we have included in the FBA Academy here. We have two options for our clients: a “done with you” option, and a “done for you” option. The former requires more hands-on work on your end, and the latter requires more capital but allows our team to handle more of the details for you.

Side by side comparison of the Done For You and Done By You programs.

Both of these are great options, but if you’re just getting started and have minimal capital to begin - the done by you program is definitely your best bet. Here’s what each program includes.

Continued comparison of DFY and DBY programs.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot included in the course - and lifetime support of your store should you need it. You can explore the FBA Academy more at our website, or sign up for a call to connect with one of our team members.


We know it can be difficult navigating the waters of e-commerce and deciding who to trust to help you build your business. That’s why we’ve built the FBA Academy differently - to equip you for success, not just help you dream about it.

If you’re interested in launching an Amazon store and start selling on Amazon with in-depth product research, we’d love to hear from you! If you know someone who has been considering jumping into e-commerce but hasn’t taken the first step, we’d love it if you shared this article with them. As always, feel free to drop any questions you have in the comments below.

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What is FBA Academy?

Julia Grant

Julia Grant is a copywriter specializing in e-commerce and small business, helping businesses expand their reach with copy that clearly communicates their message and converts. She is a certified translator and interpreter and prides herself on providing culturally relevant content in both English and Spanish.

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