Minh Tran

Minh is an expert on all things Amazon FBA. He is from Halifax but is currently based in Vancouver.

Minh does not act without thoroughly researching and creating a solid game plan. He got started with Amazon FBA to find greater financial freedom and work satisfaction than was possible in a traditional 9 to 5 workspace.

He wanted to find a business where he could gain a greater return on the investment of his time, energy, and funds. A salaried position just wasn't going to cut it. So, he began his Amazon FBA business and started earning more than 6-figures selling online. He uses his technical skillset to his advantage while analyzing the best trends and practices to maximize profits online.

Minh now works with EcomHub to help new sellers find this level of success and enjoy the freedom that e-commerce can supply. He is passionate about giving new entrepreneurs the solid foundation they need to build a steady business that will take them further than a traditional career ever could. Minh is eager to help you navigate the first steps of your Amazon FBA journey and walk with confidence as you pursue your goals in both life and business.