Madel Flores

Madel is an Amazon FBA coach who lives in Arizona with her husband and two beautiful children. She is originally from the Philippines and came to the US in 2010.

Madel is unique in that her passion for e-commerce began as a desire to have more funds available for charity work around the globe. She began studying to find a reliable source of passive income that would allow her to invest in communities and children in need beyond what her family could afford with their income alone.

When she found Amazon FBA, she was sold. This was the perfect way to gain a new income stream without taking her focus away from her family. She has been steadily building her business and overcoming the obstacles that new sellers face online.

Coaching is a passion for Madel because she knows what it's like to be figuring this out on your own. She went through much of the learning process independently and wants to help new sellers avoid some of the pitfalls and struggles of starting an Amazon FBA business. Her goal is to treat your business as her business, guiding you toward success just as passionately as she would for her own business.