Jeff Johnson

Jeff is a 6-figure Amazon seller who has been crushing it on Amazon since 2019. He has launched six products successfully and now has two trademarked brands on the platform, bringing in sales of over $100,000 for the past three years in a row. He is an excellent asset to our coaching team.

One of the things Jeff has a passion for is helping people achieve their e-commerce and financial goals without falling into the same traps that he did. E-commerce is complex, and figuring it out alone is incredibly challenging. Jeff experienced many of the struggles of e-commerce on his own and doesn’t want others to endure the same pains in the startup process. He truly enjoys pouring into new sellers and helping them master product launches that will succeed.

Jeff is a manager of technology services for public safety by day and a killer Amazon expert by night. He loves his work - but gets most excited about his Amazon business and mentorship. Outside of work, he loves to hike, mountain bike, travel, and play his guitar. Jeff is ready to help you get your Amazon store off the ground with as few hiccups as possible!