We Help E-Commerce Companies Grow Their Revenue Online.

We work with brands that have plateaued and can’t break past the inflection point of $50,000+ in monthly sales. Our proven strategies are built by data-driven metrics and years of experience to change your e-commerce business for the better from the inside out.
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Our Formula For Your Success

Know the Market

Our process begins with comprehensive market research based on your ideal customer, data-driven marketing research, and keyword research. We know the market inside and out.

Own The Funnel

Good marketing doesn’t just build a solid funnel - it maintains control from beginning to end. We establish a sales funnel that gets you more customers and more control.

Boost Conversions

We create ads that connect with your audience and draw them in. Our campaigns are proven to boost conversions so you can see more sales, higher profits, and greater revenue.

Track Results

There’s no progress without quality tracking. We monitor all campaign success and progress and provide comprehensive monthly reports to keep you in the loop.

Keep Evolving

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field - which is why our strategies keep evolving. We’ll keep you converting today, and grow with you to move your profits forward tomorrow, too.

Your Profits Are Our Priority

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Where We Advertise


Amazon is no longer just a store - it’s a search engine. The best place to run your ads is where customers are already looking.


There are almost 3 billion users on Facebook, with most Americans spending 33 minutes on this site daily.


Instagram is one of the best ways to reach young consumers, boasting 6 million more gen z users than Facebook.


Google controls over 90% of the market for search engines in the U.S. Advertising on Google is a must to reach your max audience.


People watch close to 1 billion videos daily on Pinterest! With over 431 million users, Pinterest is the perfect place to run your ads.

Your EcomHub Paid Media Journey

When you trust EcomHub to manage your paid advertising, you receive best-in-class support from professionals with close to a decade of experience. Before we ever offered these skills to others, we used them to generate over 6 figures of profit for our own stores. We know Amazon, and we know paid media - as our client, you can trust us to put our knowledge and experience to work to maximize your profits. 

The results we’ve generated for our clients prove our reliability - check out what our clients are saying and see our case studies above to learn more. We pride ourselves on optimizing ROI for our clients and helping them see impressive profits within the first 1-3 months of working with us.


First Step

Before we can take you to the next level, we need to establish where you are. We’ll first perform an account audit and evaluate how your current advertising strategies are performing and how we can best take your profits to the next level.

Second Step

Once we’ve completed our audit, we develop a comprehensive advertising strategy that will best meet your desired outcomes while prioritizing conversions and high ROI. We work with you to ensure everything aligns with your values before we press “go.”

Third Step

At this stage we will get to work behind the scenes - performing keyword research, identifying and researching your ideal customer, building your ad campaigns, and setting up your Amazon attribution links. Our comprehensive approach helps you leverage PPC to the max.

Fourth Step

We’ll get all your campaigns running and continue to monitor their performance while modifying for success that lasts. As we manage and improve existing campaigns, we will continue to find new ways to help you scale your success.

Too Good to Be True?

Our Paid Media Management has so much value that it can be hard to believe. On top of providing you with professional PPC management, social media ads, and Amazon attribution setup, we are constantly offering support to our clients beyond what they expect. Our goal is to see you succeed and help you get there at a reasonable price.

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How are you different from other agencies?
When you work with EcomHub, you are not only having Amazon advertising managed, but we help set up your Amazon Attribution links and run your Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest accounts.
How is your agency different from your Seller Startup Studio or FBA Academy?
The FBA Academy is a course for new sellers looking to run their own Amazon business hands-on. It provides training and education. The Seller Startup Studio helps to launch new businesses. The EcomHub Agency offers you professional-level management of your paid media.
Can I request extra services if I pay extra?
EcomHub has a large spectrum of services available a la carte to e-commerce sellers, including photography, video ads, 3D renders, infographics, and more. Check out the full list of services you can request at www.ecomhub.com/amazon-services
When can I reach your team for account support?
We offer unlimited email support 5 days a week along with weekly, biweekly, or monthly calls with your dedicated account representative.
Are there any additional fees?
Because every business is different, our pricing model looks different for every business. We will walk through pricing for your business openly and transparently, and will not charge you for anything we have not agreed upon.
How does your contract work? 
Our contracts operate on a 3-month minimum. We have found that 3 months is about the minimum period of time it takes to start seeing tangible results and truly ensure the work we are doing has integrated well with your business. After this 3-month minimum (or longer, if you desire) contract, you may choose to renew it or forgo doing so.
What is included in the monthly report?
The monthly report includes your Amazon sales, fees, and advertising costs from Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Pinterest.
Am I able to pay yearly?
At this time, we are only accepting subscriptions on a contract basis (3-month minimum) since our agency service is still relatively new.
Which tools does EcomHub use for Amazon Attribution? 
We use PixelMe to set up our attribution links. If you don’t have an account, we can help you get set up. 
How do you choose which platforms to utilize? 
Our main goal is to get your product in front of users who are going to buy your product. This may differ for each business based on the product you are selling and the demographics of your niche. We prioritize platforms with a high ROI on advertising that fit your ideal customer base.
How do you create an advertising strategy for our business?
We use comprehensive brand analytics and market research to develop a marketing plan that fits your business and the goals you have for growth. This is one reason why our contract is a 3-month minimum - this gives us time to investigate where you and your listings currently stand before taking them to the next level.

Still wondering if we're a match?

Our team of experts are standing by to help. Reserve your spot now to unlock your potential.