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Tom’s Story

Tom Wang

Finally graduating from college in 2015 (after a few attempts as I was kicked out of 3 colleges in 4 years), I wanted to start an online business.. You know, the whole drinking beer on a beach, making money off of a laptop kinda thing…

I found these hoverboards on Alibaba and thought that was my key to a million dollar business. I had around $5000 under my name at the moment so I went all in!

I spent money on legal, accounting, website, photos and inventory. I thought if I set up a legitimate business with a beautiful website, I would start getting sales right away. Of course I couldn’t be more naive thinking this way. 

A friend approached me and asked if I’m willing to let him sell my product on Amazon in exchange for ⅓ cut. At this point, I have nothing to lose! 

After listing the hoverboard on Amazon, sales started coming in right away! I was SHOCKED. That is when I first discovered Amazon FBA. 

Since then, I was able to launch my first product in Jan 2017 on Amazon and second product in April of the same year. Both didn’t work out. On the urge of quitting, I seeked out mentorship and help from people that have a proven track record of building Amazon FBA business. 

Applying the formula I learned from my mentors, I was able to have a successful launch for my third product. Well, the rest was history. I was able to build a 6 figure/month Amazon FBA business while working a 9-5. 

I quit my 9-5 on Dec 15th, 2017 to pursue my dream of being a full time entrepreneur. Now my passion has evolved to helping others to do what I’ve done. Helping others with their Amazon FBA journey because I know the early day struggles.