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Video 1

Intro and Jump Start

Welcome to EcomHub's 10 Day Value series! We've put together a 10 day value series where each day you're going to receive a fresh video covering topics related to Amazon FBA and selling physical products online. Want to skip the wait? Book a call to unlock them all!

Video 2

First Product Headaches

Is it too late to join up and sell FBA? In this video we take a deep dive into "The First Product Headaches" that most new and veteran sellers hit. David also reveals his first "failed" product.

Video 3

Beating Startup Anxiety

What is Analysis Paralysis? After struggling to find a product or selecting the wrong product most amazon sellers quit and give up. David covers how to get out of this state and move forward to successfully moving forward.

Video 4

Picking & Making Product Winners

Time to select a winning product! In this video David covers what his first successful product was and how he found it. before the reveal, David covers the exact process he still uses to maximize a product's winning potential.

Video 5

Product & Supplier Best Practices

Your product will make or break your business. One of the most important overlooked process for running a successful amazon business is selecting that "right" product. David covers the key elements to take a product from good to great in this video.

Video 6

Why a Strong Brand

Here's where most Amazon Sellers fail! In this video David covers the power of a building a premium brand and how it can make all the difference for your business. David even shows how this can increase sales and set you up for a rich exit.

Video 7

What is Ranking

When is the last time you went past page 1 of Google? Did you know that more than 90% of the money made on Amazon is the first page of the search rankings? In this video David discusses the importance of ranking well on Amazon and the key basics to understand.

Video 8

Rank & Bank Strategy

Our trademarked system to get you to page one of Amazon. The name really hits the nail on the head... "Rank & Bank". In this video David discusses the evolution of ranking strategies and gives a few hints at what is working in the market today.

Video 9

Horizontal Scaling

Imagine, you're business is scaled and profitable... What's Next once you're reliably generating $10k, $20k, $30k per month in revenue with one product. In this video David discusses what "horizontal scaling" is and how to leverage this strategy.

Video 10

Putting it all Together

The final video of our 10 Day Value series. In this video David recaps the series and asks: What would it look like if you could partner with EcomHub to accelerate the launch process form 9-12 months down to 60 to 90 days? Since you're here we know you're serious so Book your strategy session today!

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$20,000 in First 30 Days After Launch

Starting on the sidelines watching his friend's success in Amazon, William took the plunge and is just getting started. In his first month, he found immediate success and ended up breaking 20k in revenue within 30 days of launching his first product.

Retired School Teacher Launches First Product on Amazon

We Love Harvey! This is a very special interview. Harvey has been a stand-out student who has been very engaged and he has dug deep and used every feature available to our students. From Farmer to Teacher to FBA Amazon success!

New Student Launched in 5 Months & Makes $10,000/Month

Brand new newbie who always loved the passive income game persevered through the doubters and took his success into his own hands. From Sceptic to massive success after learning how to overcome analysis paralysis.

From $60k to $150k/month while living in Thailand

Jeff wanted to travel more and have the time and lifestyle of his dreams. Watch how this long time student scaled his Amazon business and later sold it for 1.5M in the Fall of 2020.

Selling Over $60k/Month After Joing in EcomHub

Johnson started selling 2 years ago while working full time. Tried to learn on his own and got stuck. Was referred over to EcomHub and unlocked scale with an always up-to-date program and direct access to the founder.

From $500 to $10k/Day

Can you turn an ordinary investment of $500 into $10k/day paydays? Matt E. Silver, senior EcomHub student and good friend of ours, has done exactly that. After spending more than 25 years in the music & fashion industry, he was ready to start his FBA business.

$70k/month after 11 months of selling on Amazon

After consistently generating $70k/month in revenue from Amazon, Marcus’ only regret is that he hasn’t started selling earlier. His story is simultaneously amazing and simple.

Makes $7k/month with her first product launch

How Fabiana came across Amazon FBA working part-time with no business background + How EcomHub was different from other Amazon FBA training she tried in the past.

Nurse Makes $10k/month with First Product

Is it possible to work a demanding 9 to 5 job and start an Amazon business at the same time? Lindsey is living proof that it is indeed possible. After watching David’s YouTube videos, the full-time nurse from New Zealand finally decided to join the Done-For-You program.

$27k/month While in the US Army

Can you imagine starting and scaling an eCom business while serving in the USA Army? Even though Danilio has always had entrepreneurial tendencies throughout his life, it wasn’t until he moved to Orlando, Florida when he started getting into Amazon FBA.

Engineer Sells $10,000/Month on Amazon FBA

Bona is an engineer who wanted to take advantage of the Ecommerce wave. After having a terrible first experience paying 19k for failed retail arbitrage course he wasn't sure what to do. Bona didn't give up on finding a new mentor and is now crushing it with EcomHub.

Kody Selling $10,000/ month & Sales are Picking Up

Kody recommends new sellers - just get started and follow the program, instead of getting caught in the paralysis by the analysis spiral that he got caught in. What’s interesting is that when Kody joined, he really had nothing to lose.


Andre D.

EcomHub Student

"Professional and beneficial in helping individuals build their own e-commerce business. The curriculum is well documented and the coaches are top-notch. Superb customer service."

Michelle K.

EcomHub Student

“The coaching, the material, the step-by-step instructions, customer service, etc. are amazing. I am a newbie in the world of e-commerce and this was the best decision I could have ever made!”

Roman T.

EcomHub Student

"EcomHub has helped me immensely with opening my e-commerce business. From day one they were very helpful and guiding me through the process every step of the way."

John L.

EcomHub Student

"EcomHub has a first-rate training system with videos, documents, and links providing not only step-by-step instruction but a great team of people working on my behalf."

Nessah J.

EcomHub Student

"Great support. The coach will schedule calls based on your availability and answers all questions. Talking with my mentor was more like talking to a friend."

Chris S.

EcomHub Student

"So far, I cannot complain about my experience with EcomHub and the team. Everyone is super helpful and the course is very detailed and informative."

Ryan C.

EcomHub Student

“EcomHub are always looking out for their students. As a seller himself, David shares ways to empower other online sellers and to be successful entrepreneurs.”

Kelsey H.

EcomHub Student

"So far the information within the academy is extremely helpful and my mentor is very educated and pleasant to work with. This is definitely not a "get rich quick" kind of thing."

Fabiana X.

EcomHub Student

“I highly recommend EcomHub. They bring enthusiasm, positiveness, and plenty of practical experience, knowledge, and insights - not just the theory.”